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Scandinavian Marbled Succulent Planters Ceramic

Scandinavian Marbled Succulent Planters Ceramic

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Product information:

Product name: Flower pot
Material: ceramic
Production method: firing
Features: breathable, corrosion-resistant, solid and durable
Use form: combination type, desktop type, floor type
Style: Korean style
Application scenes: office, hotel, home furnishing, shopping malls, greening projects, home gardening, balcony vegetable garden, flower garden nursery production
Color:small masonry grey,large masonry grey,small masonry red,large masonry red,small masonry green,large masonry green,small masonry blue,large masonry blue,extra large masonry red,extra large masonry lime,extra large masonry green,extra large masonry blue,small masonry white,large masonry white,extra large masonry white,small masonry bamboo holder 6cm,large masonry bamboo holder 8.5cm,extra large masonry bamboo holder 11cm

Size information:

Marble small masonry:
Caliber: 6cm
Middle widest:6.5cm
Height: 5.5cm
Capacity: 80ml
Marble large masonry:
Mouth diameter: 8.5cm
Middle widest:9.8cm
Height: 7.5cm
Capacity: 360ml
Extra large masonry:
Mouth diameter: 12cm
Middle widest:13cm
Height: 9cm
Capacity: 830ml

Packing list:

Flower pot x1

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