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Cutlery Western Ceramic Household Dish Round Dinner Plate

Cutlery Western Ceramic Household Dish Round Dinner Plate

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Product information:

Material: porcelain
Pattern: Solid color
Style: Japanese
Number: 1 disk
Type: Flat plate tea cutlery
Process: underglaze color
Size: 8 inches

Size Information:

1style: 16.6cm diameter and 5.8cm height 6.5-inch disc
2style: 20cm diameter and 2.3cm height 7.8-inch disc
3style: 20.5cm diameter and 2.6cm high 8-inch disc
4style: 20cm diameter and 2.2cm height 7.8-inch disc
5style: diameter 20cm, height 2.3cm, 7.8-inch disc
6style: diameter 15.3cm height 6.1cm 6-inch bowl
7style: 17.5cm diameter, 5.3cm height, 6.9 inch bowl
8style: 22cm diameter, 5cm height, 8.7 inch deep plate
9style: about 20.5cm in diameter, 2cm in height, 8-inch disc
10style: diameter 21.5cm high 2.7cm 8.5 inch disc

Packing list:

1* Serving plate

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