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Bell House NM

Vintage Wooden Bar Boxes Storage Rectangular Household Boxes

Vintage Wooden Bar Boxes Storage Rectangular Household Boxes

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Product information:

Product Category: Wooden storage box
Material: wood
Scope of application: shoes, underwear, CD, socks, jewelry, magazines, stationery, cell phones, tissue, extensive, cosmetics, bras, medicine, toys, quilts, sundries, clothing, dirty clothes
Storage scene: living room
Style: Scandinavian style
Specifications: small, medium, large, a set of 3
Function: multi-purpose, dustproof, moisture-proof, free installation
Color: original wood HOME models, carbon baked color outside the corner HOME models, pink HOME models, earth yellow HOME models, light blue HOME models, curry HOME models, pure white HOME models, old yellow HOME models, old green HOME models, old gray HOME models, old red HOME models, old white HOME models, original wood letters laughalot models, orange letters laughalot, vintage letters laughalot, charcoal letters laughalot, old gray letters laughalot, old white letters laughalot, old light green letters laughalot, old blue letters laughalot, orange letters without letters, vintage letters without letters
Size: small 23 * 17 * 11cm, medium 29 * 21 * 13cm, large 35 * 25 * 15cm, a set of 3

Packing list:

Wooden Boxes*1/*3

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